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Crypto Account Manager makes it easy to link and review your entire crypto holdings across multiple exchanges

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Built for crypto traders by crypto traders. We know what it's like to trade cryptocurrencies so we've built this tool to manage your accounts, save you time, and provide useful tools you can use for optimal trading experience

Traders use our app to manage multiple exchanges in one portfolio, crypto calculators with real-time data, and powerful price search tools to find the best place to buy or sell your next trade.

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Simple and powerful. We broke it down to the essentials to give you the information you need when you need it


Traders know it takes multiple exchanges to truly trade cryptocurrencies. Now it takes one app to organize them for you.


Quickly estimate the fiat value of cryptocurrency amounts you encounter (trade fees, withdrawal fees, etc.)

Price Search

Discover the best exchange to buy and sell your next crypto trade based on an extensive search of price data

Currency Management

Understand what cryptocurrency you own and which exchange(s) you have them on


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Crypto Fund Pools ®

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